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SUMNUM Scanning detects sleep-related breathing issues at an early stage

Reported by IT Chosun / Sep 09, 2021

HoneyNaps, a sleep specialized company, announced on the 9th that guests who experienced the 'All About Sleep', a deep sleep package at KT's AI hotel, Novotel Ambassador Seoul Dongdaemun, have achieved early detection of sleep problems through the company's smart mattress-based AI sleep analysis system.

The hotel reported that a significant number of guests who experienced the package were able to detect sleep problems early. One of the guests who utilized the package for a restful sleep experience received sleep coaching upon checkout, during which the guest's sleep apnea patterns were monitored. Subsequently, the guest visited a sleep clinic for treatment.


Sleep apnea is a condition that, firstly, impairs daily life by causing chronic fatigue and excessive sleepiness. Secondly, it is known to accelerate the development of coexisting conditions such as cardiovascular disease and stroke.


A representative from HoneyNaps stated, "There has been a rapid increase in interest in the prevention and management of sleep apnea, and the digitization of medical/healthcare services for proactive healthcare has been accelerating worldwide. The integration of digital healthcare, AI, and real estate services is emerging as a new experiential model in the post-COVID era."


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