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Novotel 'All About Sleep Package' Delivers a 'Sweet Slumber'

Reported by MBN News / Mar 18, 2021

‘Novotel Ambassador Seoul Dongdaemun’ is introducing the 'All About Sleep' package, where you can experience everything about a 'good night's sleep'.

This package is designed to cater to modern individuals who prioritize sleep quality, providing them with an opportunity to experience an optimal sleep environment and go beyond a simple staycation at a hotel by measuring their sleep patterns.

For this package, ‘Novotel’ collaborated with KT, the company that installed the hotel's Giga Genie, and HoneyNaps, a sleep specialized company, to create a sleep concept room.

The room incorporates meticulous details of the therapy for optimal sleep researched by HoneyNaps.

In the room, guests can experience various elements for optimal sleep, including white noise available through Giga Genie, room nano-hygiene coating for respiratory stability during sleep, solid oxygen for promoting deep sleep, lighting that blocks blue light to aid melatonin secretion, and color stimulation utilizing the calming effects of colors.

This package is available until August 31st, and as a launch promotion, a Sleep Kit will be provided as an additional gift until the end of this month.


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