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Miryang City Public Postnatal Care Center has introduced HoneyNaps' newborn management solution

Reported by Financial News / May 26, 2022

"The first public postnatal care center in Gyeongnam Province is scheduled to officially open in mid-June 2022."

Sleep specialized company, HoneyNaps, announced that they supplied their newborn management solution, 'HoneyCube,' to Miryang City Public Postnatal Care Center last month.

Due to the lack of postnatal care centers in Miryang City, which has a population of over 100,000 people, expectant mothers have faced the inconvenience of having to use postnatal care centers in nearby major cities. In response to this, Miryang City has invested 3 billion won in municipal and provincial expenses to establish a two-story public postnatal care center.

HoneyCube, introduced in Miryang City, offers differentiated services through dedicated SW programs. It provides video monitoring service that allows postnatal care center administrators to check newborns in a multi-view format. It also offers services such as maternal counseling, check-in/check-out management, and internal education program announcements within the care center. This service is not only utilized for newborn care but also in areas that require caregiver management, such as silver care. Since 2018, it has been supplied to around 60 postnatal care centers nationwide.

Amid the recent spread of COVID-19 and the resulting restrictions within postnatal care centers, it is anticipated that HoneyCube, which allows contactless monitoring of newborns, will enhance the satisfaction of mothers and their families. It is establishing itself as an essential solution for postnatal care centers.

A representative from HoneyNaps expressed their deep gratitude for providing the integrated newborn management system, HoneyCube, to the first public postnatal care center in Gyeongnam Province. They stated, "We are honored to offer HoneyCube, equipped with HoneyNaps' technology and solutions, and we aspire to provide even more assistance to mothers and their families."


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