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InterContinental collaborates with HoneyNaps for a sleep package

Reported by Asia Economy / Jan 31, 2023

The package will be operational until April 30th.

Accurate sleep state assessment and personalized solution recommendations.

Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas, announced on the 31st that they will collaborate with sleep integrated solution company 'HoneyNaps' to offer a package called "Explore New Sleep" starting from February 1st. This package will be the first in the industry to analyze and diagnose customers' sleep and provide personalized solutions.

From February 1st to April 30th, InterContinental Parnas will operate an entire floor of the hotel as an exclusive space for the Sleep Solution Package. Here, customers will have access to the 'HoneySleepCare' solution, which allows them to accurately assess their sleep state. Customers who avail of the package will have the opportunity to sleep on a bed equipped with a slip scanning mattress embedded with non-contact sensing technology. After sleeping on this mattress, the collected biosignals will be analyzed using AI (AI) algorithms to determine their sleep state. The sleep state report can be directly accessed through the dedicated mobile web of HoneyNaps on personal mobile devices. Additionally, personalized solutions based on the analysis of individual circadian rhythms are also provided.

To create an ideal sleep environment, HoneyNaps also provides the 'O2 HoneySleep Solid Oxygen' and organic 'Hukharang Honey Sleep Tea' set. The O2 HoneySleep Solid Oxygen provides an ample supply of high-quality oxygen, a crucial element for deep sleep, while also removing air pollutants such as carbon dioxide and fine dust that can cause various diseases. The Hukharang Honey Sleep Tea is a specially developed sleep tea product made from Hukharang lettuce, which contains approximately 124 times (3.7mg per 1g) more Lactucin, a sleep-inducing substance, than regular lettuce.

Customers who avail of the package can simply check-in and then register for the 'HoneySleepCare Service' by scanning the QR code provided in their room. They can then proceed to sleep as usual. If they have any inquiries regarding the sleep state report analyzed based on their personal sleep patterns, they can engage in one-on-one consultations.


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