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HoneyNaps was selected for the Seoul-type R&D project

Reported by Aju Economy / Sep 18, 2023

HoneyNaps announced on the 18th that it has been selected for the 2023 Bio-Medical Technology Commercialization Support Project (Seoul-type R&D Support Project) organized by the Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Seoul Business Agency. The project focuses on the development of AI software for predicting cardiovascular and dementia conditions based on sleep biosignals.

The project aims to support the technology commercialization of outstanding and promising companies in the bio-medical field located in Seoul. It aims to contribute to the growth of the bio-medical industry in Seoul by providing support for technology development, prototype production, and testing and certification for the commercialization stage of excellent and promising technologies.

On the 16th, HoneyNaps achieved a significant milestone by becoming the first in Korea and the third in the world to receive approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for their "SOMNUM" AI sleep disorder analysis algorithm. Following this accomplishment, they plan to develop the "SOMNUM" sleep disorder diagnostic SW, aiming not just to diagnose sleep disorders but also to diagnose and predict various diseases. They will collaborate with renowned university hospitals in Seoul and receive support from the Seoul Metropolitan Government for the technology commercialization track.

HoneyNaps is planning to research a deep learning algorithm-based 'Arrhythmia Diagnosis and Dementia Prediction' model using 24 types of biosignals measured during polysomnography. The arrhythmia diagnosis AI algorithm will capture diagnostic factors such as bradyarrhythmia, tachyarrhythmia, and atrial fibrillation, while the dementia prediction AI algorithm will be trained on data related to mild cognitive impairment and dementia.


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