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HoneyNaps Unveils Software Solution for Sleep Disorder Diagnosis

Reported by Niko Pajkovic, TRENDHUNTER / Nov 09, 2021

Korean health-tech startup Honeynaps has announced the launch of SOMNUM, a new medical software program that uses artificial intelligence to assist with the diagnosis of sleep-related disorders. More specifically, the new platform utilizes deep-learning algorithms to enable real-time, multi-channel analysis, automatically providing users with highly-accurate polysomnography readings.

It typically takes three to four hours for a somnologist to analyze and review a patient's sleep data. According to HoneyNap, the SOMNUM reduces this process to "under five minutes" while preserving the same levels of accuracy. Considering over 100 million people worldwide struggle with sleep disorders, HoneyNap's latest innovation should find mainstream appeal, especially amongst practicing clinicians searching for more efficient tools. The new technology is currently being reviewed by the FDA, after which HoneyNaps plans to launch in the United States.


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