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HoneyNaps to Expand Supply of ‘AI Sleep Diagnostic SW’ to University Hospitals

Reported by AP News / Aug 04, 2023

HoneyNaps announced that it supplied the 'SOMNUM' AI sleep diagnostic SW to Soonchunhyang Bucheon Hospital on the July 10th.

HoneyNaps has been recognized for its medical AI capabilities as it recently participated in a Primary Care project at a university hospital in Nevada, United States. Simultaneously, the company has achieved significant expansion in the domestic healthcare sector.

HoneyNaps' AI-based sleep diagnostic solution, 'SOMNUM,' is an algorithm that can quickly and accurately analyze patient sleep data, which typically takes 3 to 4 hours during a polysomnography test. It utilizes AI to expedite the analysis process.

The company emphasized, "The solution is developed based on explainable AI (XAI) technology, making it the world's first. It is a deep learning-based analysis program capable of real-time analysis of large-scale signals across multiple channels, surpassing the conventional scoring methods."

Furthermore, the company stated, "Since participating in the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (SLEEP 2023), we have been recognized for our software and hardware capabilities, accelerating our business expansion into domestic and international healthcare institutions." They also added, "Through the implementation of the 'SOMNUM' AI diagnostic SW at Soonchunhyang Bucheon Hospital, we anticipate providing high-quality medical services to patients undergoing polysomnography and contributing to the efficient system establishment of the hospital."


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