HoneyNaps, SSG Cheongdam and Dogok branch sleep health special exhibition.

Reported by HanKyung Ilbo / Jun 18, 2021

HoneyNaps, a sleep research company, will open a special sleep health exhibition at SSG Cheongdam and Dogok Tower Palace stores until the 30th of June.

HoneyNaps is a sleep research company with an integrated sleep platform, including ▲SOMNUM, an artificial intelligence software for diagnosing sleep disorders, 'MY SOMNUM', a non-contact sleep analysis and coaching solution ▲SOMNUM Medella, a digital treatment for insomnia possesses core technologies based on the original patent of

In addition, it is a space where consumers can directly experience and purchase 'Sleep Aid products', which could be purchased at the HoneyNaps online mall, by securing various solutions to help sleep, providing an experience for healthy sleep management habits and promoting the brand value. .

This special exhibition is divided into 'Your Thinking', 'Your Feeling', 'Your Bedroom' and 'Your Mind' zones about sleep. It was revealed that it was in the works, and aroused the curiosity of customers.

Currently, HoneyNaps' sleep health special exhibition is receiving hot support by expanding customer experience through the pop-up store at SSG Cheongdam, which has been held since the 17th. The SSG Cheongdam pop-up store will open until the 23rd, and the SSG Dogok Tower Palace store will open a pop-up store from the 24th to the 30th.

An official from the company said, “We prepared a special exhibition with SSG so that customers who sleep at night due to the early heat can manage their sleep health. ” he said.

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