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HoneyNaps Solution with a Neonatal Management of Public Postpartum Care Center.

Reported by HanKyung Ilbo / May 21, 2021

"Real-Time Care Solution for Mornitoring the health status and Alerting abnormal signals of infants

and senior."

The HoneyCube, delevoped by HoneyNaps, is a non-contact sleep bio-signal mornitoring system that has been supplied to public mornitering field requires major care such as about 60 hospitals and clinics, nursing hospitals postpartum care center around the country since 2018.

In addition, they announced that it will be installed at the public postpartum care center in Miryang which is scheduled to be completed in end of the 2021 beginning with the supply it to public postpartum care center in Choelwon and Yanggu which are managed by government.

The system is used in areas that require parental management, such as newborn care, silver care, and senior care living alone. It is a product that allows managers and families to monitor individual conditions in real time. The technology to collect and analyze data such as.

The product consists of a total of 23 patents, trademarks, and design rights, including sensing hardware, manager software, multi-display, dedicated mobile app and data server, and non-contact sensing and data fusion technology.

Seong-sook Hong, director of Isori Postpartum Care Center, who has been providing total care solutions for newborns by introducing Honey Cube since 2018, said, “With the recent coronavirus outbreak restricting mothers’ families, the ‘Honey Cube’, an untact family visit system, has been established for mothers. It is helping to increase the satisfaction of children and their families and safely manage the health of mothers and newborns.”


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