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HoneyNaps' solution introduced to Gimcheon City Public Postnatal Care Center

Reported by Aju Economy / Nov 22, 2022

"HoneyCube was introduced to Gimcheon City Public Postnatal Care Center last month"

"HoneyCube provides real-time monitoring and management for newborns and mothers"

Sleep specialized company, HoneyNaps, announced on the 22nd that they have supplied their newborn video solution, HoneyCube, to the public postnatal care center in Gimcheon City, which was launched last month.

According to HoneyNaps, the recently introduced HoneyCube in Gimcheon City allows postnatal care center administrators to check newborns through a multi-view system. It also enables services such as maternal counseling, check-in/check-out management, and internal training programs within the care center. HoneyNaps explained that HoneyCube is being utilized in various areas that require care for newborns as well as silver care and caregiver management.

HoneyNaps anticipates that HoneyCube, which allows contactless monitoring of newborns, will increase satisfaction among mothers and families, especially considering the recent limitations on access within postnatal care centers due to the spread of COVID-19.

A representative from HoneyNaps expressed pride in providing HoneyCube services to Gimcheon City, the second public postnatal care center in Gyeongbuk, following the centers operated by the government in Cheorwon-gun, Yanggu-gun, Ulsan Buk-gu, and Miryang City. They stated, "We aim to enhance the satisfaction of mothers and families through HoneyNaps' technology and solutions, and we strive to provide even more assistance in managing the health of mothers and newborns in postnatal care centers."


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