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HoneyNaps-Seragem has been selected for the 2022 AI Voucher Support Program

Reported by AP News / Jul 12, 2022

HoneyNaps has announced that it has been finally selected for the '2022 AI Voucher Support Program,' organized by the Ministry of Science and ICT and the National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA), through a consortium with Seragem.

The 'AI Voucher Support Program' is a project that issues vouchers to small business, startups, and organizations in need of AI technology. The vouchers can be used to adopt AI solutions from AI service providers into their own products or services. The program provides a maximum of 300 million KRW in funding per project.

Both companies plan to collaborate on building a solution that incorporates HoneyNaps' AI sleep analysis technology. They aim to prepare for the post-COVID era where health management is crucial, enabling individuals to manage their sleep health even at home.

Recently, HoneyNaps participated in Sleep 2022, a prestigious sleep-specialized academic conference in the United States, where they exhibit AI diagnostics and digital therapeutic solutions under the theme of "Sleep Expert toward 4P Medicine." Notably, they introduced the following solutions that garnered significant attention both domestically and internationally: ▲ SOMNUM, an AI-based software for diagnosing sleep disorders ▲ SOMNUM Scanning, a contact-free sleep analysis and coaching solution ▲ SOMNUM Medella, a digital therapeutic solution for insomnia.

A representative from HoneyNaps stated, "The combination of digital healthcare and AI is emerging as a new model in the post-COVID era. Through the AI Voucher Support Program, we hope to continue building strong partnerships with demand-driven enterprises and expand the scope of this initiative."


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