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HoneyNaps selected as SW High Growth Club 200 hosted by the Ministry of Science and ICT.

Reported by Seung-min Ko, The DigitalTimes / Apr 19, 2021

HoneyNaps was selected as one of 88 companies in the '2021 Software (SW) High Growth Club 200' project promoted by the Ministry of Science and ICT. The company has further been recognized for its technological and business value with its listing on the "Global SW Specialized Enterprise Development" task track; this track only qualifies the top 25 companies among the selected companies and finally selects eight companies. As for the finalists of the ‘Global SW Specialized Enterprise Development' task companies, it plans to be announced in April.

'SW High Growth Club 200' is a customized support project for software companies to develop the software industry and create employment opportunities in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The project selects software companies with current and prospective high growth, and supports the recipients in areas such as marketing, overseas expansion, growth strategy mentoring, and technology development to enable growth, innovation, and global orientation. Companies that aspire to grow into high-growth companies are selected with the condition that they have their own products and services and were established within 7 years.

HoneyNaps is a sleep-specialized biomedical company with non-contact bio-signal sensing technology, artificial intelligence software that analyzes and diagnoses real-time large-capacity bio-signals, and server and database platform technology for personalized services. Last year, despite the aftermath of COVID-19, the company attained sales growth of more than 25% compared to the prior year and is preparing for the FDA approval of 'SOMNUM', a sleep disease diagnosis software that integrates core technology.

Director Ho-Dong Lee, who leads technology development at HoneyNaps expressed his ambition by commenting, "We are a domestic company leading the sleep industry, which is emerging as a global trend, and have focused all our capabilities on developing core technologies for six years along with nCOMS, a national leading technology center. Based on the high-quality bio/medical technology achieved, 2021 will be our year to grow into a globally recognized company."


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