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HoneyNaps, recognized for its sleep tech expertise, selected as one of the Top 1000 National Representative Innovative Companies

Reported by IT Chosun / Oct 12, 2022

On the 12th, a sleep specialized company, HoneyNaps, announced that it has been selected as one of the "Top 1000 National Representative Innovative Companies" that will lead South Korea's innovative growth.

The "Top 1000 National Representative Innovative Companies" is a program initiated by the Financial Services Commission, along with 12 government ministries including the Ministry of Science and ICT, the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, and the Korean Intellectual Property Office. With the support from these ministries that have high expertise and understanding in various industrial sectors, this program aims to select innovative companies with global growth potential, considering the company's growth stage and self-sufficiency, and provide comprehensive financial support and attract large-scale private investments.

The participating government agencies in the evaluation process conducted a total of 5 rounds of evaluations from July 2020 to select a total of 1,043 innovative companies for the final selection. HoneyNaps was selected as an innovative company in the health and diagnostics field through the recommendation of the Ministry of Science and ICT.

HoneyNaps is a sleep specialized company, with an integrated sleep platform. They possess core technologies based on original patents such as ▲ SOMNUM, an AI-based software for diagnosing sleep disorders, ▲ SOMNUM Scanning, a contact-free sleep analysis and coaching solution, and ▲ SOMNUM Medella, a digital therapeutic solution for insomnia. These technologies form the foundation of their sleep-related offerings.

Recently, HoneyNaps participated in the Sleep 2022, a specialized academic conference on sleep held in the United States, where they presented their topic on "Sleep Expert toward 4P Medicine." They exhibit AI diagnostics and digital therapeutic solutions. In addition to initiating clinical trials for their third-generation digital therapeutic solution, HoneyNaps is currently engaged in partnerships with major U.S. university hospitals for clinical research on sleep-based biomarker-driven treatments for conditions such as dementia, Alzheimer's disease, and cardiovascular disorders.

A representative from HoneyNaps stated, "Personalized sleep management services for proactive healthcare have emerged as a new experiential model in the post-COVID era. Being selected as one of the Top 1000 National Representative Innovative Companies is a proud validation of HoneyNaps' excellence in sleep technology across the board. We are proud to be recognized as an innovative company that will lead the fourth industrial revolution."


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