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HoneyNaps published a clinical research results in the SCOPUS database

Reported by IT Chosun / Feb 18, 2022

HoneyNaps, a sleep specialized company, announced on the 18th that they have published a research paper titled "Validation Study of a Contactless Monitoring Device for Vital Signs During Sleep and Sleep Architecture in Adults With Sleep-Disordered Breathing" in SMR (Sleep Medicine Research), a journal indexed in SCOPUS. The research paper was conducted in collaboration with Dr. Jiho Choi, the director of the Sleep Medicine Center at Soonchunhyang University, and other research professors.


This research paper evaluated the reliability of HoneyNaps' non-contact measurement technology and AI algorithms in analyzing the heart rate, respiration, body temperature, and sleep patterns of adults with sleep-disordered breathing. The study compared the results with polysomnography (PSG), a standard diagnostic test for sleep disorders, to validate the uniqueness and accuracy of the technology.


[Korean Society of Sleep Medicine (KSSM)]

The company plans to continuously publish its accumulated technological expertise and clinical research results, based on more than 47 patents obtained over 8 years, in internationally renowned journals. They also aim to commercialize the collection of these technologies, known as "SOMNUM Scanning," in both domestic and international households and hospitals, making it easily accessible to everyone.


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