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HoneyNaps Launches SOMNUM Scanning Service as Personalized Care, Holistic Solution for Quality Sleep

Reported by PR Newswire /Nov 10, 2021

HoneyNaps, a company specializing in sleep research, will launch its one-to-one personalized sleep care SOMNUM Scanning Service in early 2022.

SOMNUM is currently used in over 60 hospitals in South Korea for sleep management solutions. The service provides better insight into patient sleep while promoting a healthier lifestyle. A variety of hotels and healthcare centers around the country are also using the sleep management solution to provide better sleep-quality to customers.

Sleep serves various functions ranging from physical and mental rejuvenation to the activation of brain function. It is not only directly related to daily life and individual health, but is also a very important health factor to society as a whole.

Sleep management and sleep metrics are a global trend. Various wearables now tell individuals how well they slept and allow for better engagement with rest. The added emphasis on self-care and rest to improve mental health have added to the trend of sleep management. The sleep industry is growing into a high-value added sector, spawning various new terms such as 'Sleeponomics' or 'Sleep Tech.'

The SOMNUM Scanning Service is a coaching program that provides a deep-sleep solution and guide based on the analysis of an individual's sleep pattern and environment. The goal of the scanning service is to provide the individual with a healthier lifestyle. A variety of programs that address various individuals ranging from students, office workers, children and the elderly is provided. The data acquired in the service is analyzed using the SOMNUM algorithm, which is Korea's first data-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) diagnostic software developed by HoneyNaps.

HoneyNaps' sleep sensor and SOMNUM algorithm, developed using both patented domestic and international source technology, was provided to Korea's first Artificial Intelligence (AI) hotel, Novotel Ambassador, in February 2021. Since first being used in the Novotel Ambassador, SOMNUM Scanning Service has helped a variety of clients learn more about their sleep with the aim of being healthy.

The service is on sale under the package 'All About Sleep' and it has attracted attention from guests seeking an escape from the 'Corona Blues' (depression and lethargy due to self-isolation and social distancing). The SOMNUM Scanning Service will be expanded to 5-Star Hotels in Seoul along with being available in Novotel's residence rooms.

SOMNUM is a next-gen sleep tech-based service which analyzes the biorhythm of guests during sleep. It provides information about the HSTI (HoneyNaps Sleep Type Indicator) sleep type and a personalized solution to promote personal health.

"Since COVID-19, interest in preventive management has soared and digitalization for medical/healthcare services is accelerating worldwide," a HoneyNaps representative said. "Personalized sleep management service is taking its place as one of the empirical models of the post-COVID era."


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