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HoneyNaps Integrated Sleep-Tech into GS Group Executive Education Program

Reported by Segye Ilbo / Jul 07, 2023

The sleep technology of HoneyNaps, a sleep specialized company, was integrated into the GS Group executive education program in 2023. It was incorporated as a pre-technology experience and in the form of corporate well-being. The program took place in collaboration with key affiliates of GS Group and Harborview Medical Center at the University of Washington (UW).

The first session, titled "Insight on the Sleep Market / Sleep Data Review," was conducted during the executive education program with the attendance of eight executives. The session focused on the sleep results based on the sleep analysis package provided by HoneyNaps, which the executives experienced for two nights and three days at the Grand Intercontinental Hotel before their departure.

In the second session, participants had the opportunity to explore the trends in the U.S. bio/medical field and visit the facilities within the UW Medical Center. Additionally, the second session included discussions on advanced medical research trends in the United States, case studies on dementia/cardiovascular disease research based on sleep data, and a tour of the Harborview Medical Center.

In February 2023, HoneyNaps participated in the N.E.W. (New Executive Workshop) for newly appointed executives. During the workshop, they analyzed the sleep patterns of 23 executives. The workshop involved converting the optimal recovery time determined by sleep-related biosignals into mileage points, which were then donated to provide "Sweet Slumber" to those in need. In addition to this initiative, the executives also agreed to donate towards the treatment of premature infants.

A representative from HoneyNaps stated, "Sleep is not only the foundation for optimal performance but also for productivity, health, and happiness." They further expressed their satisfaction in having the opportunity to gather the best quality sleep data and contribute it towards the treatment of premature infants, stating, "It is truly rewarding."


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