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HoneyNaps Holds Special Sleep Health Promotion Event

Reported by Korea Economy TV / Jun 18, 2021

The sleep specialized company, HoneyNaps, will be hosting a special sleep health promotion event at SSG Cheongdam and Dogok Tower Palace branches until the 30th of this month.

HoneyNaps is a sleep specialized company that possesses a sleep integrated platform. They have core technologies based on patented sources such as ▲the AI SW for diagnosing sleep disorders called "SOMNUM," ▲the non-contact sleep analysis & coaching solution "MY SOMNUM," and ▲the digital therapeutic for insomnia called "SOMNUM Medella."

In addition, HoneyNaps has secured various solutions to assist with different types of sleep.

They have created a space where consumers can personally experience and purchase "sleep aid products" that were available for purchase on the HoneyNaps online mall. This space provides an opportunity to experience healthy sleep management habits and promotes brand value.

The event is divided into four zones: "Your Thinking," "Your Feeling," "Your Bedroom," and "Your Mind," offering a unique experiential space where customers can consult with professional sleep therapists and receive product recommendations. This has sparked customers' curiosity and interest.

The ongoing sleep health special promotion by HoneyNaps has been receiving successfull feedback, particularly through the SSG Cheongdam branch's popup store, which opened on the 17th and aims to enhance customer experiences.

The SSG Cheongdam popup store is scheduled to remain open until the 23rd, followed by a popup store at the SSG Dogok Tower Palace branch from the 24th to the 30th.

The representative stated, "In order to help customers manage their sleep health during the early summer heat, we have prepared the special promotion with SSG. We plan to expand to department stores, specialized healthcare shops, and reach out to customers with various products and new concepts in the future."


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