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HoneyNaps has published a scientific paper in a scientific journal, SCI (Science Citation Index)

Reported by News1 / Jun 16, 2022

Sleep specialized company, HoneyNaps, announced on the 16th that their clinical research paper on deep learning algorithms for sleep EEG analysis and sleep stage classification has been published in the international scientific journal 'MEDICINA', which is indexed in SCI (Science Citation Index).

The journal 'MEDICINA' is one of the prominent medical journals published by MDPI (Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute) in Switzerland. It aims to promote medical technology advancements related to disease prevention, treatment, and other medical disciplines.

The title of the paper is "Validation Study on Automated Sleep Stage Scoring using a Deep Learning Algorithm." The research was conducted as a collaborative effort between Professor Jaehoon Cho's research team at Konkuk University and Professor Jiho Choi's research team at Bucheon Soonchunhyang University.

Using a 95% bootstrap confidence interval and R = 1000, the proposed model was evaluated based on bootstrap point estimation of median percent agreement and kappa values. The performance of the model was validated using a large-scale patient dataset consisting of a total of 602 subjects (397 males and 205 females) between the ages of 19 and 65 (mean age, 43.8; standard deviation = 12.2). The results showed the highest accuracy and reliability compared to previous studies, with the following values: W (98%), N1 (94%), N2 (92%), N3 (99%), and R (98%).

The company stated, "This is a significant research achievement that enables the transition from a time-consuming manual process to automated interpretation within 5 minutes for the diagnosis of sleep disorders. Furthermore, HoneyNaps is conducting innovative clinical research in collaboration with renowned hospitals worldwide, utilizing the rapid clinical research pipeline platform established over the past 8 years. Through AI analysis of biosignals between sleep stages, the company aims to diagnose key diseases such as dementia, and plans to continue making announcements in this field. We are committed to contributing to a healthier society through the advancement of sleep biosignal research."


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