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HoneyNaps has obtained a patent for AI-based sleep diagnostic technology in U.S.

Reported by Next Daily / Dec 06, 2022

HoneyNaps announced that they have obtained U.S. Patent (No. 11464445) from the United States Patent and Trademark Office for their technology titled "Data processing Apparatus for automatically determining sleep disorder using deep learning and operation method of data processing apparatus cross-reference to related application."

The patented technology registered in the United States is evaluated as a highly effective technology, particularly in the field of AI. It is considered to have a wide range of possibilities for expansion in the domestic and international AI-based medical and data-related fields.

The present invention is related to a data processing apparatus and method for automatic sleep disorder diagnosis using deep learning. It aims to automate the analysis of polysomnography (PSG) results, which is a comprehensive sleep study.

HoneyNaps is now equipped to apply its upgraded R&D capabilities and product portfolio to the development and enhancement of its solutions, including the AI sleep disorder diagnostic algorithm called "SOMNUM" and the contactless sleep analysis and coaching solution called "SOMNUM Scanning." This will enable HoneyNaps to provide advanced technological and product offerings in the field.

HoneyNaps, a sleep specialized company, was selected as one of the "Top 1000 Innovative Companies" by the Financial Services Commission in October. Additionally, they have been consecutively selected as a high-growth company in the "2022 SW High-Growth Club" program organized by the Ministry of Science and ICT for two years in a row.

According to a representative, "HoneyNaps has a significantly higher number of domestic and international licenses, patent registrations, and applications related to AI technology in sleep analysis compared to other companies in the same industry." They further stated, "With the recent success of obtaining a patent in the United States, HoneyNaps has secured exclusive rights and the opportunity to expand into the global market with the same technology, providing a driving force for growth."


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