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HoneyNaps has entered the U.S. sleep healthcare market

Reported by Nesw1 / Jun 12, 2023

Sleep specialized company, HoneyNaps, announced on the 12th that it conducted business consultations with over 150 global institutions, including hospitals and research institutes in the United States, during the 'Sleep 2023' conference held by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) in Indianapolis, USA, from the 5th to the 7th of this month.

HoneyNaps, for the first time among Korean companies, set up a booth for two consecutive years at this conference, which was held under the theme of 'Explore New Sleep.' They presented a paper on AI (AI) algorithms for diagnosing respiratory disorders during sleep.

At this conference, HoneyNaps exhibit their all-in-one sleep solution called "SOMNUM PAX," along with AI-based sleep disorder diagnosis software called "SOMNUM," a home sleep monitoring system called "SOMNUM Scanning," and a second-generation digital therapeutic (DTx) for insomnia called "SOMNUM Medella."

SOMNUM PAX is the newly introduced integrated central monitoring system, garnered significant attention during the conference and achieved sales records, amounting to $200,000, with primary care projects at a university hospital in Nevada, as well as university hospitals in Seattle and Miami.

HoneyNaps representative explained, "It is significant that we have opened the doors to the US sleep healthcare market, which has been primarily led by companies from the US and Europe, with South Korea's technological capabilities. During the conference, there was a concentrated interest in the introduction of a patient management system that integrates sleep polygraphy (PSG) AI diagnostic SW and sleep monitoring utilizing SOMNUM Scanning, which were exhibit for the first time during the event."

Based on the achievements of these contracts, HoneyNaps plans to actively expand its overseas sales through its local distributor in the United States within this year.


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