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HoneyNaps has been invited to the Annual Academic Conference of the Korean Society of Sleep Medicine

Reported by Business Korea / Jul 19, 2022

The Korean Society of Sleep Research, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, announced that it held the "20th Anniversary Commemorative Academic Conference" at the COEX Assemble Ballroom in Seoul on the 9th.

The conference covered various topics related to the rapidly changing sleep medical environment in the era of post-COVID and the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Experts in the field of Bio-Digital Technology gathered to share information and engage in lively discussions under the theme of "Bio-Digital Science in Sleep Medicine." Additionally, research on long-term tracking and treatment strategies for sleep disorders, treatment of narcolepsy and sleep apnea, circadian rhythms and health, and diagnosis and treatment methods for coexisting sleep disorders with sleep apnea were presented during the conference.

HoneyNaps, a sleep specialized company, was invited as a speaker for the "Digital therapeutics in sleep medicine" session at this year's academic conference. They presented on the topic of "Digital Transformation of CBT-I: Present and Future," discussing cognitive-behavioral therapy for insomnia and the current and future prospects of digital therapeutics.

The Korea Health Industry Development Institute has selected digital therapeutics as one of the top 10 trends in healthcare technology. It is predicted that the global market size will exceed 12 trillion KRW by 2026. The global digital healthcare market and digital therapeutics market are expected to have a very bright outlook, considering the increasing number of countries with aging populations.

HoneyNaps is also developing a second-generation digital therapeutic for insomnia called SOMNUM Medella. They shared their research findings and discussed future research and development directions, as well as commercialization plans.

According to a representative from HoneyNaps, they stated, "The expert session held at the Korean Society of Sleep Research Conference was a significant opportunity for HoneyNaps to enlighten healthcare professionals about the current and future prospects of digital therapeutics. HoneyNaps has established partnerships with prestigious university hospitals in both Korea and the United States, leveraging our expertise in sleep data measurement and diagnostic technologies."


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