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HoneyNaps and Novotel present a sleep solution package

Reported by Business Korea / May 19, 2023

HoneyNaps announced that they have unveiled a sleep analysis & care package in collaboration with Novotel Ambassador Seoul Dongdaemun on the 16th.

After successfully concluding the "Explore New Sleep" package in collaboration with Grand Intercontinental Parnas from February to the end of April, HoneyNaps has launched the "Sleep in beauty" package as a follow-up. This package will operate the entire 17th floor of Novotel as an exclusive space for HoneyNaps, providing "Honey Sleep Care" services for approximately six months.

Customers who use the "Sleep in beauty" package can access their individual sleep analysis reports, which analyze their sleep patterns and biosignals, through the dedicated HoneyNaps app. These reports are generated using non-contact sleep sensing technology after customers sleep in the equipped bedrooms.

In addition, the rooms in this package are equipped with "O2 HoneySleep Solid Oxygen" devices, which maximize oxygen supply in the sleep space and remove air pollutants such as fine dust. The package also includes a welcome sleep kit that provides premium organic "Hukharang Sleep Tea" infused with sleep-inducing ingredients.

A representative from HoneyNaps stated, "We hope that the 'Sleep in beauty' package, in collaboration with Novotel, will provide an opportunity for many people to learn about their sleep and ultimately improve their quality of sleep and overall health. We recommend it as a special gift for loved ones."

The package will be available until November 30th, and reservations can be made through the Novotel Ambassador Dongdaemun website and reservation desk.


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