HoneyNaps and Megazone Cloud to jointly developa 'sleep diagnosis' cloud platform using big data.

Reported by Jung-ah Kim / Nov 26, 2020

HoneyNaps and Megazone Cloud will work together to develop a cloud platform to provide medical sleep disease analysis and diagnosis services and personal sleep health services.

▲ HoneyNaps logo and Megazone Cloud logo / Image = Megazone Cloud

Megazone Cloud, which runs the cloud business, announced that it has signed an MOU with Honeynaps for the development and cooperation of a cloud platform for collecting, utilizing, analyzing, and diagnosing biosignal data between sleep. HoneyNaps is a sleep research company with bio-signal sensing technology between sleep, artificial intelligence algorithms that analyze and diagnose real-time large-capacity bio-signals, and database platform technology for personalized services.

The two companies are expecting that this joint development platform will be able to respond to domestic KFDA and CE based on the US FDA, so that it will be able to secure substantial business results.

HoneyNaps' 'SOMNUM' is a sleep disease diagnosis aid software developed by aggregating its own artificial intelligence core technology. officially announced. Unlike existing video and image-based learning technologies, it is designed as a next-generation AI core analysis technology based on real-time large-capacity data.

Based on a platform for medical (hospital data), clinical research, and personal sleep health solutions, the two companies use the cloud's digital and cloud capabilities to transfer biosignal data between sleep of hospitals, hotels, and individual customers where HoneyNaps' sleep scanning service has been introduced. It plans to lead the sleep research and service field by managing it more safely and efficiently.

To this end, HoneyNaps announced that it will build a cloud platform through various cloud services by utilizing its own AI technology and clinical database assets of major university hospitals, utilizing the cloud expertise of Megazone Cloud, a cloud specialist.

Ho-Dong Lee, CTO of HoneyNaps, said, “We expect that by applying the cloud to the rapidly growing sleep market, we will be able to pioneer a new use of big data for sleep disorders and individual sleep health management.” Cloud CEO Joo-wan Lee said, "We will expand Megazone Cloud's ability to provide convenient services to customers with innovative cloud technology in the healthcare sector using the platform building know-how of Megazone Cloud through cooperation with HoneyNaps."

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