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HoneyNaps and KT sign business agreement to collaborate on sleep health management AI business...

Reported by JoonAng Ilbo / Dec 03, 2020

HoneyNaps and KT sign business agreement to collaborate on sleep health management AI business platform.

HoneyNaps and KT announced on the 3rd that the two parties had signed an agreement to cooperate in the sleep health management artificial intelligence (AI) platform business. Due to COVID-19 'social distancing' regulations, the signing ceremony was held in an untact (non-face-to-face) manner.

Under this business agreement, HoneyNaps' sleep bio-signal monitoring and analysis system and KT GiGA Genie solution will launch a service that provides newly personalized health care areas. Also, the agreement plans to promote cooperation in technology development by incorporating HoneyNaps' X.AI (Explicable Artificial Intelligence) core technology with KT's various business endeavors.

HoneyNaps is a sleep research company that automatically analyzes measured data during sleep based on AI algorithms and provides solutions to diagnose, predict, and prevent diseases. With non-contact sensing-based sleep pattern analysis and coaching and SOMNUM, a sleep diagnosis assistance software, the company plans to launch a one-stop integrated solution to provide not only medical care, but also aid personal sleep management.

Through this business agreement, HoneyNaps CEO Young-Jun Lee commented, “the sleep industry, which has recently emerged as a global trend, is developing through the convergence of various cutting-edge technologies. We are looking forward to pioneering the platform business for personalized sleep health management through big data solutions from HoneyNaps and KT GiGA Genie.”

Kim Chae-hee, head of KT's AI/BigData business division also stated, "with HoneyNaps' sleep monitoring and analysis solution and KT’s AI/BigData service alliance, we are looking forward to the synergy expected to occur in the hospitality industry such as in hotels and hospitals."


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