HoneyNaps Acquired 'Excellent Technology Company' Certification for 2 Consecutive Years.

Reported by Sol Lim / Nov 12, 2020

Development of AI-based sleep disease diagnosis software and certification of related device manufacturing technology

HoneyNaps, a sleep research company, announced on the 12th that it has been certified as a '2020 Excellent Company in Technology' by Korea Enterprise Data for the second year in a row following 2019. The certified technology is 'Artificial intelligence (A.I.)-based sleep disease diagnosis SW development and related device manufacturing technology'.

Korea Corporate Data is a technology credit rating agency, and the Tech Credit Bureau (TCB) evaluates the company's technology-related technology, marketability, and business feasibility. The technology credit rating (TCB rating) is calculated by comprehensively reflecting the credit rating (CB rating).

It is divided into grades from T1 to T10. The grade certified by HoneyNaps is T3 grade, and the T3 grade is given only to companies with the best technology to meet the conditions for special listing on the KOSDAQ.

An official from HoneyNaps said, "The sleep industry, which has recently emerged as a global trend, is developing into a high value-added future growth industry through the convergence with various cutting-edge technologies to the extent that new words such as sleeponomics and sleeptech have been coined. We expect that (A.I.)-based sleep disease diagnosis technology and services will play a central role.”

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