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HoneyNaps’ 3-Step Sleep Kit Supplied to Imperial Palace Hotel

Reported by MoneyS / Aug 06, 2021

HoneyNaps announced that they supplied the "3-Step Sleep Kit" to the Imperial Palace Seoul Hotel located in Gangnam last month.

This sleep kit, developed by HoneyNaps, consists of a sleep mist for caring the beginning and end of the day, a morning balm for revitalization, and a roll-on for stress relief. The Sleep Kit has been attracting attention in various fields since its launch and is currently being supplied in bulk to Novotel, Glad Hotel, care centers, golf courses, and sleep clinics.

HoneyNaps, in addition to expanding its expertise in the bio-medical field, is also increasing its presence in the healthcare sector. Along with the '3-Step Sleep Kit,' they have secured various sleep aid products and operate an online store, "Sleep Better" to promote the brand value of healthy sleep management.

HoneyNaps representative said "According to a recent survey conducted by the Seoul Metropolitan Government, it has been revealed that many citizens have experienced changes in their daily routines due to the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic. It is now a crucial time to manage our biological clocks as we need to align our lifestyles with our individual circadian rhythms in order to achieve restful sleep and maintain a healthy day. The '3-Step Sleep Kit' is not only designed to improve sleep quality but also helps restore the balance of mind and body through condition management. We highly recommend it."


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