HoneyNaps 3-Step Sleep Kit, Imperial Palace Hotel Supply.

Reported by In-gui Kang / Aug 6, 2021

HoneyNaps announced last month that it has supplied a 3-step sleep kit to the Imperial Palace Seoul Hotel in Gangnam.

The sleep kit was launched by HoneyNaps, a company specializing in sleep research, and consists of sleep mist to care for the beginning and end of the day, morning nights for vitality, and roll-on to relieve stress. With its launch, sleep kits, which are attracting attention in various fields, are being mass-supplied to Novotel, Glad Hotel, Care Center, Golf Course, and Sleep Clinic.

In addition, HoneyNaps, which is expanding its expertise to the healthcare sector along with the biomedical sector, has secured a variety of sleep-aid products as well as 3-step sleep kits to promote the brand value of healthy sleep management.

An official from HoneyNaps said, "According to a recent survey by the Seoul Metropolitan Government, there are not a few citizens whose life patterns have changed due to the prolonged COVID-19. It is a very important time to manage your biological clock because you can sleep well and have a healthy day only when you live according to your own body rhythm. "3-Step Sleep Kit" is a product that helps you find balance between mind and body not only through sleep but also through condition management, he said.

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