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Glad Live Gangnam ‘Art x Sleep Therapy’ package launched.

Reported by Ki-hwan Jeong, Discovery News / Sep 28, 2020

The release of Glad Live Gangnam "Art x Sleep Therapy" package.

- 1:1 sleep environment diagnosis trial coupon worth 100 dollars comes with the Sleep Better Solution Kit which consists of HoneyNaps’ Oxygen Cube, Deep Sleep Herb Drink, and Organic Bath Preparation.

- In addition a gift certificate of $30 for Cherish furniture for use at the Cherish store. The package also includes an Instagram event with prizes such as a My M 3’ sofa, Starbucks set, etc. at the My M Sofa photo zone in the GLAD LIVE Gangnam lobby area.

In commemoration of the 4th anniversary of the lifestyle curator, Glad Live Gangnam released the 'Art X Sleep Therapy' package from September 28 to December 20, 2020. This package was made for customers who want to enjoy travel in a unique space.

The Art X Sleep Therapy’s composition was inspired by the colors of Cherish’s art and nature. With HoneyNaps's sleep-scanning program, a globally recognized sleep technology, the package offers a one-night stay in a concept room decorated with four themes, Biophilic, Light, Hockney, and Van Gogh, for people to experience a good night rest.

The ‘DE-STRESS’ theme room improves the quality of sleep through the green color that relieves stress, and encapsulates the feel of nature, and the ‘SLEEP BETTER’ theme room contains the purple color, which is most apparent at sunrise and sunset. This purple color reduces pain, improves body balance, and is effective in fatigue recovery.

The ‘ENERGY UP!’ theme room is influenced by the yellow in the starlight of Van gogh’s work; this yellow promotes sleep. The ‘CALM DOWN’ themed room is designed by Hockney, who loved swimming pools. The blue color helps with sleeping by creating a peaceful atmosphere to provide harmony of the mind.

The Sleep Better kit consists of HoneyNaps' oxygen cube, sleep drink, and organic bath preparation, a 1:1 sleep environment diagnosis trial coupon worth $100, and a $30 coupon for Cherish furniture. In addition, an Instagram event will be held in which My M sofa photo zone decorated in the GLAD LIVE Gangnam lobby space provides a My M sofa for three people and a Starbucks set.

In particular, HoneyNaps' Sleep Scanning Smart Mattress, which checks sleep bio-signals and sleep quality, is applied to the four concept rooms to understand the guest’s sleep status. An individual’s sleep status results and customized sleep solutions are sent to each customer who have signed an agreement after check-out.

Packages are available from dollar 105,000 (excluding 10% tax).

A Glad Hotel marketing official said, "To mark the fourth anniversary of Glad Live Gangnam's opening and to thank our customers, we planned a package for customers who are unable to travel due to COVID-19 but want to enjoy traveling in a special space." He said, "I hope you can enjoy the decorated space of art and color during the day, while experience a special night at Glad Hotel with the service of the nation's top sleep research company."

On the other hand, HoneyNaps is the best sleep research company in Korea with bio-signal sensing technology between sleep, an artificial intelligence algorithm that analyzes and diagnoses real-time large-capacity bio-signals, and a database platform technology for personalized services. The company is a personalized advanced health management solution based on 4P medicine (Prevention, Prediction, Personalization, Participation) developed with Professor Jiho Choi of the Introducing the 'Sleep Scanning' service.

* Daelim’s hotel brand ‘GLAD’ (GLAD by DAELIM)

Every GLAD Moment! is the slogan of GLAD Hotel, a lifestyle curator with the main focus on delivering a hotel experience, where customers stay happy and satisfied all the time and in every space; this is done with the best cost-effectiveness method, GLAD Hotel is GLAD Yeouido, GL Mapo, GLAD Live Gangnam, GLAD Gangnam COEX Center, and Maison GLAD Jeju. It is Daelim's global design hotel brand with about 2,500 rooms across the country.

As a leader in lifestyle hotels, GLAD Hotel provides a pleasant experience of having a good night's sleep, good taste, and honey super fun. It greets its customer by presenting its core values ​​of 'practicability and friendliness' in the form of creative and efficient spaces and cozy rooms in which customers feel at home.


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