Cheorwon-gun Public Postpartum Care Center, Cheorwon Hospital's Maternity Clinic is opened.

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Reported by Yeo-Kyung Yoon / Feb 03, 2020

Cheorwon-gun, Gangwon-do, has been making various efforts since 2017 to solve the problem of childbirth vulnerability area. As a result, the Cheorwon-gun Public Postpartum Care Center was newly built and the installation of the "Maternity Obstetrics and Gynecology" was being carried out at Cheorwon Hospital. The public postpartum care center in Cheorwon-gun, which will be opened this time, will be newly built at a cost of 3.9 million dollars, and the first and second floors will be used as postpartum care centers and the third floors as medical personnel's accommodation.

Cheorwon-gun Public Postpartum Care Center is operated with a total of 10 rooms, including pregnant women for twins. Infant rooms will be set up in advance to carefully observe the body temperature and feces of newborn babies and operate a neonatal infection control system that can go to infant rooms if there is no risk of infection.

In addition, the infant room will be operated as a mother-child room to help form a relationship with the father along with the intimacy between the baby and the mother and the bond through breastfeeding. It will be available from February 24th.

Heo Eun, director of the postpartum care center, has more than 30 years of experience in delivery obstetrics and gynecology. Nurses are also expected to operate a more professional and safe postpartum care center as excellent human resources with a lot of work experience in postpartum care centers.

Cheorwon-gun Public Postpartum Care Center is expected to receive great response from pregnant women as it has better facilities than postpartum care centers in the Seoul metropolitan area, while the amount of use is relatively low.

Inside the facility, there are pregnant women's rooms, education rooms, loess rooms, massage rooms, and shampoo rooms, and family visits are restricted to prevent infection of newborns. However, HoneyNaps’ HoneyCube are installed in infants and toddlers' rooms so that families can see the baby on their cell phones at any time.

In addition, Cheorwon-gun and Cheorwon Hospital applied for and selected a childbirth vulnerability site support project in 2017 by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, and are building the latest delivery obstetrics and gynecology department with a project cost of 1.86 million dollars, and are also purchasing state-of-the-art medical equipment such as ultrasound diagnostic devices.

In addition, one obstetrician is currently working at the hospital, but one more person was invited to strengthen expertise. The newly hired manager Han Kyung-hak (obstetrics and gynecology specialist) will open an outpatient gynecology department from February 2020 based on strengthened medical personnel with more than 35 years of obstetrics and gynecology experience, including graduating from Yonsei University and serving as the director of Woosung Women's Hospital.

A county official said that pregnant women have suffered a lot of inconvenience in prenatal and postpartum care due to the lack of obstetrics and gynecology in Cheorwon, but if construction is completed in May 2020, pregnant women will no longer have to go to large cities such as Seoul and Uijeongbu.

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